My Background:  Creativity, Empathy, Healing

I have practiced various modalities of mind and body therapy since the mid-90’s and have been a Certified Birth Doula, CD(DONA) since 2005. Through this work, as well as creative ventures in art and music, I have learned that sensitivity, empathy and non-judgment are crucial to the best therapeutic relationships.  I am currently licensed in Colorado (LPC 0011787) and registered in California (MFTI 66981).

My Core Belief: "The Person is not the Problem, the Problem is the Problem!"

My core practice is Narrative Therapy, which holds that our identities are shaped by the stories we tell about our lives. . Rather than seeking to repair internal "damage" or "deficit", Narrative Therapy externalizes problems and explores their effects on peoples’ lives.  I work collaboratively to help my clients fully describe their stories and investigate the possibilities associated with them. My passion lies in asking questions that will allow you to think about problems in new ways, creating new avenues for growth, fulfillment and happiness.

My Clients:  Teens to Seniors, Singles and Couples

Successful therapy requires a sense of safety and the space for excitement and hope.  I enjoy this with of clients of various ages, orientations, life situations, ethnicities and beliefs. My greatest hope is for your aspirations to be realized, and if we determine there are better avenues, our time is well spent.

I work frequently with healthcare professionals, addressing the unique challenges of being in the healing arts.  I have a particular interest in working with expectant parents given my background as a doula. Singles,couples and parents from the GLBT community are especially welcome.   Finally, I have focused specific aspects of my practice on those struggling with eating disorders and substance abuse.




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